Price Index

General Prices for Reference

Ship Associated Costs: Shesharile 5

Docking Fees: 75 credits per day
Standard Maintenance and Restock: 25 credits x total crew and passengers x days consumables
Standard Customs Bribe: 100 credits

Food and Beverages

Cheap Meal: 3 credits
Average Meal: 5 credits
Good Meal: 10 credits
Mug of Beer: 1 credit
Shot of Whiskey: 2 credits
Glass of Wine: 3 credits
Bottle of Fizzyglug: 1 credit


Cheap Motel Room: 15 credits per night
Average Hotel Room: 30 credits per night
Good Hotel Room: 50 credits per night


Narco-spice: 5-10 credits per dose
Street Walker: 5-10 credits per service
Brothel: 50 credits per hour


Ground Cab: 1 credit per km
Aero Cab: 3 credits per km
Ground Car Rental: 15 credit per day
Landspeeder Rental: 30 credits per day
Airspeeder Rental: 50 credits per day

Price Index

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