Tales of the Gryphon

Corellia to Coruscant

The team was making ready to go to on a mission to Coruscant.

Myrkr Wrap-Up
The Lizard Shop

Kotti was brought onto the team by Jade and Jarael. Talon Karrde invited the group to his place for dinner.

General Skywalker Needs You

Late in 5 ABY Cronal, taking the name of “Shadowspawn”, became a warlord, heading one of the many Imperial splinter factions that opposed the New Republic. He had devised a technique that made him able to take over people’s minds, and he used this also on Nick Rostu. Nick then became the figure known to the galaxy as ‘Shadowspawn’. Blackhole had more of these Pawns, all people he had taken prisoner in his campaigns. Following the death of their master, several of the Emperor’s Royal Guards that had not participated in the mass suicides thinning their number joined Shadowspawn’s cause. Shadowspawn was able to capture and hold the Inner Rim, while making the strategically advantageous world of Mindor his base of operations. With his shadow stormtroopers deployed, Shadowspawn committed acts of terrorism and piracy, in addition to wholesale slaughter against worlds of the New Republic. It was Shadowspawn’s hope that he could break the Republic’s hold on the galaxy and breed fears of an Imperial—and Sith—resurgence. In aid of this, he declared himself to be the new Galactic Emperor, intending to fully restore the Galactic Empire .

Refusing to tolerate Shadowspawn’s destructive bid for power, Luke Skywalker—now a General of the New Republic—led the campaign against Shadowspawn to free the worlds of the Inner Rim he had conquered, resulting in a protracted and bloody string of battles that left thousands dead.

Toward the end of the campaign, his troops entrenched themselves on Mindor in preparation for Skywalker’s inevitable assault. There, Shadowspawn hoped to lure the heroes of the Republic into his trap. Skywalker soon attacked the planet, with the aid of Fenn Shysa’s Mandalorian Protectors, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2, and the pilots of Rogue Squadron.

Under the advice of some of the New Republic’s greatest military minds and against the will of Chief of State Mon Mothma, General Skywalker called the shadowy and violent unit called Phoenix Squadron to aid in the assault.

Garos IV
Ready for the assault

A Daunting Task
Life and Death Decisions

PART TWO: Pest Control

Having freed Lara Loronar, the group had holed up in a guard station on the twentieth tier of the main prison block. There were still well over a thousand prisoners on the ship. Rath had chosen to move forward to Glasya and Taegan Sithkiller’s locations in solitary once they got Bruce patched up. Cho was learning to focus the Force through his martial arts. Jarael stood guard as Lara attempted to hack into the Jedi detention area and shut down power to the cells remotely.

Power and lights were already failing in some rear areas of the dungeoneer ship, probably from invasive void spiders looking for places to lay egg sacks. To make matters worse, someone had opened several tiers in the rear of the cell block as if to feed the spiders on purpose. Sage Tymon was in one of these cells, clad in his bright orange prison garb, when the door buzzed and slid open to the flickering lights and shadows beyond…

Dungeoneer Ship of Doom

Guard Control Station Forward-Level 20-Port

Having defeated the dungeoneer wardens in the area and their Sith Adept overseer, the group had stopped in the guard control room to tend Bruce’s cuts and bruises. The immediate threat of the spiders in their cell block had been neutralized.

The team had rescued Lara Loronar, but still had a short list of people Rath was interested in getting out. Then there were the thousand plus doomed prisoners still on board, waiting to be eaten alive by void spiders. A heavy dilemma for the Force-sensitive jedi…

Into the Void...
The Reunion Tour

Arachnid Nebula ~ 5 years 3 months ABY

With the Heliopolis project on Shesharile 5 underway, people had been busy with construction projects, buisiness negotiations and establishing the new law enforcement. Maya was now showing with her twin girls, being nearly seven months along. Even Yerkys ne Dago seemed to be happy to contribute to the success of the operation.

Then came the HoloComm message from “Black Hole”, an Imperial Security Bureau Agent and Sith Mind Master. The dungeoneer ship Cerebus had been set adrift in the Arachnid nebula, home of the void spiders. Onboard were not only former team members Sage, Evincar and Quinn, but many others from Rath’s past including Lara Loranar, the granddaughter of Gunther Loranar. It seemed the Dark Lord had been gathering those he deemed valuable enough to bait Rath into the treacherous space where certain doom would await him…

To Save Shesharile...
Bail Organa's Legacy

Shesharile 5 ~ 5 ABY

With the victorty at Corellia, the Rebel Alliance once again celebrated its heroes. Only eight months after the victory at Endor, a major Imperial fleet was defeated and Corellia vowed to join the Alliance. Among the most celebrated individuals were fighter ace Colonel Moorvack Limpan and ground commander Captain Bruce Testa. Wakka was posthumously awarded the Alliance Medal of Honor for his personal sacrifice.

The Aesad Aerap fleet recieved recognition for their participation in the battle and entered negotiations for full membership and trade relations with the New Republic. Colonel Flambeaux arranged for all participants to be awarded a gold campaign medal depicting Corellia with 30 star destroyers and one super star destroyer placed around the planet on one face and the phoenix emblem of the Rebellion with six Y-wings and a Corellian Corvette on the other side.

It would take another three months of bureacratic maneuvering and preparations before Rath Sunrider pulled together his Shesharile Relief Mission. Led by the Utopian Princess, a small supply fleet with some escort ships left Corellia bound for the Outer Rim and Shesharile 5.

Shesharile’s economy had collapsed. The local woolong was valued at one-twentieth of an Imperial credit, less in some places. Gang violence was rampant. What law enforcement had been in place had now become as corrupt and violent as the gangs they once opposed. Loronar technology that had once served to protect the people was now turned against them by the criminals who acquired it. Some mechanized droid units went rogue, rampaging the dense urban enviroment. Others, like the LE-VO droids were uncorruptible and suffered huge losses.

The former Heliopolis Compound had become a massive squatter city among the bombed out factory ruins. Mechanized walkers and combat droids patrolled the worst areas of town, enforcing what laws the criminal heirarchy for those regions saw fit to enact. Former precincts had become squatter complexes or gang headquartes, sometimes ran by former LALA officers. Bombings were frequent and the drug and explosives trades flourished in an economy where more legitimate buisiness choked to death under heavy taxation and strongarming by thugs.

System: Shesharile
Position in System: 5th
Sector: Minos Cluster
Length of Day (std hrs): 26
Length of Year (local days): 377
Environment: Urban
Sentient Species: None
Other Species: Human

This fifth moon of the gas giant Shesharile was large enough to be a planet itself. Along with Sesharile 6, they were known as the “Twin Planets” despite the fact that they were moons. Shesharile 5 had been devastated by the corrupt government that ran it. This moon was known for its resorts, but they were dirty and cared little about the environment they were destroying. Pollution had led to ecological disaster, and the inhabitants had regressed to become warring factions. Each group blamed the others for destroying the twins. Much of the commerce on the moon was once centered around making the Imperials that controlled the Minos Cluster happy, so when the Empire and pulled out Shesharile 5 went into a swift decline. Rath Sunrider’s Heliopolis Compound mad an effort to start to rebuild the economy but was bombed by Imperials for supplying the Rebellion. Much of the planet is run by gangs under the control of Yerkys ne Dago.

Battle of Corellia
Never tell me the odds . . .


Corellia is surrounded by Imperial forces and the forces are rumored to be getting bolstered. The team is going in to try assessing the situation for an upcoming strike . . .

Awards and Accolades
Trip to Endor


After Tatooine the group is making their way to Endor for recognition . . .


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