Tales of the Gryphon

Welcome Aboard!
Arriving at The Gryphon

Year 3,657 after the Treaty of Coruscant (ATC) or 4 ABY

Rogue Planet Furball ~ Three Weeks After The Battle Of Endor

Artoo Eff Yoo rolled across the deck of the empty yacht, whistling a lonely tune. In the dark his sensor lights were the only thing visible. With no lifeforms to support, the little droid had shut down extra systems to conserve power. A metallic clunking made the astromech whoop as it spun around and wheeled off toward the turbolift to the bridge.

The crescent-shaped yacht drifted in a slow orbit around the dead planet. As it crested the horizon the hulk of a bulk blaster gas container ship came into view. The yacht, tiny by comparison, drifted past the enormous ship. Artoo rolled over to the comm station, then the sensors. The sweep was filled with the larger vessel’s form as the scan passed over it.

Then a new blip appeared out of nowhere. The comm crackled to life and Artoo emitted an excited series of whoops, whirrs and beeps. A feminine voice came from the speaker, “This is the Smoking Blaster. We are making final approach for docking.” Artoo flipped out his interface plug and socketed into the control sconce. The lights began to flash on throughout the ship and the life support HVAC system purred to life, replenishing atmosphere.

The Loronar medium transport slowed and puffs from the maneuvering thrusters positioned it as the docking collar extended and latched into place…


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