Tales of the Gryphon

Mopping up
The Battle Continues


With an unknown threat in the skies above the rebels try to regroup and remove the Imperial forces on the ground from their foothold in Mos Eisley . . .

Battle of Tatooine
Fun in the sun

The team received a call from the rebel base in the system saying they intercepted a call from Imperial forces on Tatooine. There is an ongoing standoff between the remaining Imperials and Rebel factions. So far no Imperials have sent a message saying they would back them up, so the hope is that a group of rebels/new republic forces can move in and end the battle before any Imperials show up . . .

Blockade Runner
Flight to the Fleet

Destroyed Imperial Base Mimban ~ Three Months After Endor (Day Three)

Taking Sage up on his offer, Admiral Ackbar and three of his surviving rebels are planning to take the Gryphon with a fighter escort and make a run for Dac (Mon Calamari). Once there, he will return with Home One and a small fleet of Nebulon-B’s and Corellian Corvettes. The other eight rebels led by Flambeaux are going to man and defend the subspace radio station until the Fleet arrives.

Sage wants to repair the Sentinel Shuttle, which was heavily damaged. Wakka will be scrounging parts from the various scattered wreckage. Rath intends to take a stealth bike and head into the swamp to confront the Life Witch. Naomi, Jarael and Bruce have already decided to accompany him. The Night Ravens and Scout Troopers are still out there…

The Swamps of Mimban
In Search of the Smoking Blaster

Mimban Swamp ~ Three Months After Endor (Day Three)

Following a reading Rex had alerted them to on sensors, Sage had dropped our heroes stolen Imperial Sentinel Shuttle through the mist over a clearing where they spotted a scout trooper followed by two storm commandos on speeder bikes. Wakka and Bruce manned the blasters to take out the storm commandos but the two Night Ravens were too quick and veered into the treeline, disappearing into the mist. Rath fired the bank of eight lasers, cutting the scout trooper in half and hurtling his bike into the trees where it exploded.

Hoping to retrieve the scout trooper’s helmet and potentially valuable mapping data of the region, Rath asked Sage to hover the shuttle so that he could drop down and search for the helmet.

Current Shuttle Crew~

Player Characters
Sage Tymon
Jarael Ginkide
Jade Scarlett
Zayne Carrick (aka Rath Sunrider)
Bruce Testa
Ryavar Darek


Ragmuffin Swoop Gang

Circarpous V

Circarpous V (Mimban) ~ Three Months After Endor (Day Three)

Having defeated half of Captain-Supervisor Grammel’s stormtroopers already, the group escaped the detention center and was making plans to recover their gear from the warehouses near the landing platforms on the other side of the small town. Bruce, the Gamorrean knife fighter, was wounded in the battle.

More importantly, they had learned that the Life Witch was already searching for the Temple of Pomojema with a platoon of Storm Commandos.

Coronet City ~ Corellia
Aftrmath of Battle

Coronet City, Corellia ~ Three Months After Endor

Rath, Cherrea and Bruce had just finished the recovery time from their cybernetic surgeries and were being released from the Corellian Medical Center at Coronet City. Sage had a streak of luck with private games of Sabacc, pulling down 50,000 credits in winnings and the deed to a Mimban Dolovite claim. Wakka had just finished the repairs to the Gryphon’s engines. Rath’s amphibious Calamari transport wouldn’t be ready for another ten days. Jade and Jarael had the Tapani Embassy deliver the Lambda class shuttle to Jade’s family on Pelagon and started drawing up plans and entering negotiations to buy a customized Corellian Corvette.

Half a dozen Imperial Star Destroyers had recently arrived in the Corellian System, bolstering the Imperial presence. Rumor had it that many more were on the way. Admiral Ackbar’s negotiations had failed, largely due to the Imperial attack on Coronet City during his visit. And despite an Alliance counter attack on General Weir’s hidden Tralus base, the Corellians weren’t eager to face the wrath of a growing Imperial fleet.

Rath's Homecoming

Corellia CMG 544 Orbital Station ~ Two Months After Endor (Day 8)

“The bigger the galaxy, the sweeter the homecoming.”

―Corellian proverb

The stolen Imperial Governor’s Shuttle Paradisiac dropped out of hyperspace and slipped between a set of hyperlane markers on the approach to Corellia. Freighters and haulers of all sizes moved in an organized dance of chaos through Corellian space. The space above Corellia was dominated by shipyards, but Rath was headed toward the orbital station that served as his home port. While it did do complete overhauls and full scale repairs, the Local 544 did not build ships per se. It was headquarters to the Corellian Merchant Guild.

“This is the Tapani Diplomatic Shuttle Scarlett Letter from House Pelagia. Lady Jade Scarlett is visiting Corellia to shop for a personal yacht. She will be staying in the Ambassador Suites at CMG Station 544 for the duration of her visit. Please transmit our landing instructions.”

“Scarlett Letter, this is C-M-G Five-Four-Four. Transmitting approach flight plan now. Enjoy your stay.”

Shesharile 5
Friends and Enemies

Shesharile 5 ~ Two Months After Endor (Day 3)

The Oriental dropped through the congested skies of Gallisport and slipped into Docking Bay Alpha 232-B out of the greasy acid rain. The sky outside the bay was a red haze with plumes of black pollution billowing from factories. Mag rail trains bustled past as the crescent-shaped yacht settled in to berth next to a YT-1300 Cargo Conversion. A crew of Gamorreans in sloppy coveralls began dragging fuel hoses toward the ship.

Bootsy Collins, dressed in a bright yellow outfit and carrying a synth-guitar, wandered over from the Mighty Gundark in the adjoining berth. He knew Sage would be looking for him and the Gryphon tended to stand out no matter what Sage called the ship. Not many luxury yachts on this shithole. The dockmaster reached the ramp about the same time as Bootsy. He was a gaunt-looking human with a datapad and a small hovering credit transactor droid at his side.

Bootsy looked a little shocked when John Holiday emerged, not recognizing Sage through his disguise at first. The custom DL-44 in a quickdraw gunslinger rig tipped him off but he kept his mouth shut as the spaceport official requested payment. “That’ll be seventy-five credits per day docking with a two-day minimum. Plus consumables and a small processing fee for a total of sixteen hundred Imperial credits or thirty-two thousand woolong, Mr Holiday.” The dockmaster gave a tight-lipped grin as he gestured the transaction droid forward.

Sol Negro
Underbelly of the Black Sun

One Month After Endor ~ City of Sol Negro (Day Four)

Rath, Jarael and Jade had gone to the Capitol during the revolt to purchase musical instruments for Sage. Jade’s protocol droid Mythril had returned in his Ronto One… with no instruments. Refugees and wounded from the capitol city continued to pour into Sol Negro throughout the night. It was a two hour trip by landspeeder. Some of them had walked.

David was at Sol Negro Hospital, earning his credits as an ER doctor. A crew of Gungans and Sullustans led by a Duros engineer worked all night on ripping the engines out of the Gryphon. By morning they were only half-way there. Sage opted to spend the night at Black Jack’s guest house. The lights occasionally flickered or went out all together. Systems inadvertantly went offline and came back as the crew worked on removing the damaged engine components. Lifter droid and cranes expedited heavy lifting and moving components, but there were a lot of components. At the end of an all-night ten-hour shift, Moorvack told his crew to knock off for the day. The sound of a tropical storm battering the repair bay and water leaking in through various spots in the roof told of the weather conditions outside.

Darlyn Boda
Viva La Revolución

One Month After the Battle of Endor ~ Darlyn Boda City (Night of Day Two)

Our last session left off on the evening of the second day. Sage had just been returned with his Ronto One SUV Speeder full of goods to the Gryphon by 4-LOM and Zuckuss in exchange for 200,000 credits. Jarael and Rath had arrived together on foot. David had returned from the local medical clinic, presumably on foot given his wages and current financial situation. A small Gungan work detail was finishing up some minor repairs to the landing gear. Two Imperial Stormtroopers were being relieved by another pair to guard the ship’s access ramp (A service provided to Sage by Imperial Customs Agent Lt Smeed). The sun was setting over the jungle as Jade arrived by Robohack from the library.


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