Loronar Survival Pack

Survival Backpack


The Loronar Survival Pack is a clear step up from other lesser models.

3,000 credits, but well worth the investment.


Rugged antishock, vacuum and water proof protective shell (acts as 4D cover for contents), is non-reflective, silent, and heat neutral (no penalties to sneak in most conditions).


-Two person Dichrome Tent (Optimized for +3D Hide)

-Small Fusion Generator

-Survival Knife (STR+1D Damage, Easy, handle contains; 1 meter slicewire, 3 meters synthrope, 1 bacta geltab, micro-vibropick, and an all weather fire starter).

-2 power packs (fit most blasters and survival suits).

-Fastflesh Medpack

-folding vibrosaw (STR+1D+1 Moderate)

-folding vibropick/entrenching tool (STR+1D+2 Moderate)

-2 weeks ration concentrates (42 vitamin enriched high calorie energy bars in 7 flavors).

-Filter canteen

-Field scanner (Passive 500m/1D, Scan 1 km/2D, Search 1.5 km/3D, Focus 10m/4D)

-Miniature moisture vaporator

-Blaster repair kit (gas to recharge 10 standard power packs)

-Military grade comlink

-2 Launching Ion Flares

-2 Drop thermal flares

-1 signal smoke grenade (Blue, red, green, white, yellow, or black).

Loronar Survival Pack

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