Stephen Flambeaux

Former Colonel SpecForce Infiltrators


Stephen is rugged and tough like most folk from Mantooine. He stands 1.83 meters tall and weighs 87 kg. He has dark auburn hair and deep penetrating blue eyes. His mannerism tends to be cocky and self-assured, some might say arrogant. He has little use for those he doesn’t know personally, unless he is using them toward some cause or in the process of saving them. This may stem from the xenophobic stance Mantooine has toward the rest of the Galaxy as a whole. He has a tangible dislike of “furries” and shapeshifters. He has a deep, resonating voice. The kind that makes men leap to action and women melt. He is fluent in Neipas, Calamari (or Dac), Sudemite, Phrym, Binary and Vratix in addition to Galactic Basic Standard. He always carries a combat knife and a harmonica somewhere on his person.

Session-10 (May 12th, 2012): 7 character points at start of session. 20 character points gained. 10 spent to raise Martial Arts one pip. 5 spent to raise Brawling one pip. 5 spent to raise Survival one pip. 7 character points at end of session.

Session-11 (May 19th, 2012): 7 character points at start of session. 20 character points and one Force Point gained. 5 spent to raise Firearms one pip. 4 spent to raise Intimidation one pip. 5 spent to raise Survival one pip. 3 burned in game to make rolls. 10 character points at end of session and 3 Force Points.

Session-12 (May 26th, 2012): 10 character points at start of session. 10 character points gained. 5 spent to raise Streetwise one pip. 5 spent to raise Bureacracy one pip. 10 character points at end of session.

Session-13 (June 2nd, 2012): 10 character points at start of session. 20 character points gained. 7 spent to raise Melee one pip. 7 spent to raise Starship Pilot one pip. 5 spent to raise Sensors one pip. 11 character points at end of session. 1 Force Point from amulet used. 4 Force Points remaining in amulet at end of session.

Session-14 (June 9th, 2012): Inactive. 25 character points awarded. 36 character points total. Raised Martial Arts and Brawling 1 pip for 15 points. 21 remaining.

Session-15 (June 16th, 2012): Inactive. 15 character points awarded. 36 character points total. Raised Martial Arts and Brawling 1 pip for 15 points. 21 remaining.

Session-16 (June 23rd, 2012): Inactive. 20 character points awarded. 41 character points total. Raised Martial Arts and Brawling 1 pip for 18 points. Raised Sense 1 pip for 10 points. 13 character points remaining.

Session-17 (July 7th, 2012): 13 character points at start of session. 20 character points gained. 1 Force point from amulet and 1 character Force Point used. Extra Force point gained. Raised Starship Pilot 1 pip for 7 points. raised Astrogation 1 pip for 5 points. Raised Alter 1 pip for 10 points. 11 character points, 4 Force points and 3 Amulet Force Points at end of session.

Session-18 (July 14th, 2012): 15 character points awarded


“The military don’t start wars. Politicians start wars.”

~Colonel Stephen Flambeaux

Born in 27 BBY on Mantooine into a large working class family. Stephen joined the Mantooine Liberators against the Imperial presence on Mantooine, successfully sacking the garrison there. The retalliation by an Imperial Strike Fleet near Fest was nightmarish for the people of Mantooine. The Liberators fled into the mountains, using guerilla warfare tactics to strike and fade against the Empire. Only 13 years old, Stephen was captured during a raid and hung by Imperial Army Troopers. He survived, being cut down by sympathetic townsfolk.

He became a member of the Atrivis Resistance Group at fifteen. By 20, he had joined the fledgling seeds of the Rebellion as a SpecForce Infiltrator and became the infamous leader of Phoenix Squadron. At 23 he saw the Declaration of Rebellion formally made. He was a Colonel by 26. He continued serving the Rebellion for the next three years.

By 29 he had enough of the bickering and internal bureacracy. Tired of the bureaucracy within the Rebel Alliance, Colonel Flambeaux resigned his commission to go independent, effectively dissolving the Eighth Regiment Training Command on Neipas (Phoenix Squadron). After destroying Phoenix Isle Base, he left for Vergesso and his next set of adventures. Eventually this led him back to Shesharile 5. Then fate led him back to the Rebellion on Hoth.

Flambeaux’s 6th Regiment held the trenches that guarded the KDY Planetary Ion Cannon until the last transport was away. They spent a week after any hope for transport off Hoth had left them behind battling the Imperial Troops, using guerilla warfare. Then, just as they were executing a plan to steal Imperial shuttlecraft and escape, a team of commandos arrived to help them out.

The Mon Calamari cruiser Liberty provided a temporary home within the Rebel Fleet. The Special Operations Group was formed and placed in charge of an ancient Corellian Picket Carrier that had been salvaged from the Colossus battlefield.

The Bennu was an antiquated ship, but not without her charms. The Rebellion allowed Flambeaux’s new unit to keep several Imperial shuttles and the Bennu came equipped with a dozen X-Wings fresh off the assembly line.

The team’s first mission was to steal spin-sealed Tibanna being transported from Bespin on a super tanker. It was a monumental success. As they returned to Shesharile to enjoy some time off and wrap up details, they recieved word that an Alliance scout ship went down on an aquatic world. There was a shootout with smugglers and locals during the rescue operation. Then the Imperials showed up in force. Colonel Flambeaux took Kamahl’s X-Wing Dragula and distracted the Imperial forces long enough for the others to make their escape before his ship was destroyed. He was later rescued, clinging to a piece of ship debris in a hibernation trance.

Upon his return to the Bennu, Colonel Flambeaux abruptly decided to take a leave of absence from the commando lifestyle. He surrendered his remaining cash operational funds to Quinn, totalling well over a half million Imperial credits. He donated all of his weapons and gear except his reversible jumpsuit and souvenir Miraluka lightsaber to the Phoenix Commando Team. Then he enlisted Rath to take him to Ossus where he would remain with Ood Bnar and learn the ways of the Force.

After the Battle of Endor he reappeared as Admiral Ackbar’s personal assistant and bodyguard. The Jedi Knight Naomi Sunrider on her ship the Smoking Blaster led them to Mimban to stop a Sith Life Witch from acquiring the Kabaar Crystal. After a fierce battle with the Night Raven Storm Commandos, Ackbar left on the Gryphon to bring back a fleet of Alliance ships. Flambeaux was assigned to hold the subspace radio station until their arrival over a month later.

An intercepted Imperial message indicated a battle on Tatooine with rebel soldiers. Flambeaux left Rath, Naomi and the soldiers to secure Mimban and took a small group of mercenaries and Jarael on the badly damaged Sentinel with Moorvack piloting. After a skirmish with TIE/In’s and TIE Interceptors over the planet and crashing in the desert, the team joined up with the Rebel Camp. Two hundred men and two small cargo skiffs were spread in a ring around the Imperial controlled center of Mos Eisley. Flambeaux’s team distributed water, weapons and supplies to the friendly forces. Then they attempted a recon advance but met heavy resistance immediately out of the Rebel HQ.

Switching tactics, they let the Jedi lead with lightsabers to parry blaster fire and had Moorvack pilot a captured AT-AR Walker while Flambeaux went into Battle Meditation. It was going well in the Rebels favor, advancing up a main avenue, until turbolaser fire from orbit reigned down like artillery and the Jedi lost all contact with the Force.

The third attempt was led by Jarael, cutting her way house to house through walls toward the compound with a sapper team. Flambeaux and Moorvack went to seek air support at Adar Tallon’s old base at Fort Tusken. Finding Nikto and the Phoenix Command Ship (a Loronar Concep Rapid Transport converted to a Sensor Suite/Communications HQ), they launched two Elegance Droid Torpedoes and issued a threat to stand down to the Imperials. ISB Agent Dezix opened fire on Fort Tusken from orbit and destroyed it. The Mos Eisley Base Commander set off a self-destruct, blowing up the Imperial Compound and surrounding structures.

After an award ceremony at Endor, Colonel Flambeaux orgaized a daring strike against the Imperial Fleet at Corellia he dubbed Operation Idiot’s Array after the nearly impossible winning Sabacc hand. Leading a small infiltration commando team against the Super Star Destroyer Aggressor they managed to set enough explosives to not only blow up the Command Bridge but set off a chain of explosions destroying the massive ship. Wakka was killed while setting the final charges by Zero-G Stormtroopers.

Meanwhile Major Moorvack Limpan led a group of six Y-Wings dubbed Blue Squadron against some 300 TIE Interceptors while the Corellian Carrier Corvette Utopian Princess helped fend off many more. Moorvack became a sextuple ace in the fight.

With the fleets from the Alliance and Aesad Aerap’s arrival, the battle quickly turned in the Rebels favor. The ISD Eradicator surrendered. Several ISD’s were destroyed and the rest fled.

Newly commissioned Lieutenant Bruce Testa led a ground assault against the Imperial Governor’s palace. Drek was killed when his speeder bike hit a repulsor mine. The battle was considered a major strategic victory for the Alliance forces.

Instead of staying for the bureaucratic award ceremonies and negotiations at Corellia, Flambeaux took his Concep Rapid Transport and a three man team to Shesharile to start their next mission. By the time Rath arrived three to four months later with a supply fleet, the intelligence was done and former police had been recruited to help clean up Gallisport. Flambeaux assumed the duties of Chief Inspector and Director of the new Heliopolis Law Enforcement Center.

Stephen Flambeaux

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