Guardian Droid


Rex is an experienced espionage unit who has the ability to change his color and blend in with his enviroment. Rex has worked extensively with Rath Sunrider and Stephen Flambeaux throughout his long career and probably knows more secrets about clandestine operations than nearly any organics. Rex has been extensively modified for additional skills, concealed weapons, advanced motive systems, and communication systems.


Type: Highly Customized GV Series Guardian Droid


Blaster 5D+2 (8D+2), dodge 5D+2, melee combat 5D+2, running 4D


Alien species 6D, Cultures 6D, intimidation 6D, Languages 9D+2, Tactics 9D+2, Scholar 6D


Astrogation 6D+2, Communications 6D+2, sensors 6D+2 (11D+2), Gunnery 6D+2, Starship Pilot 6D+2, Repulsorlift Op 6D+2

PERCEPTION 3D+2 (Initiative 8D+2)

Search 5D+2 (10D+2), Sneak 5D+2 (9D+1)


Brawling 6D+2, Climb/Jump 6D+2 (10D+1 Climb), Lifting 6D+2 (7D+2 Mouth)


Blaster Repair 6D, Droid Program/Repair 6D, Computer Programming 4D+2 (9D+2), Computer Repair 6D, Medicine 6D, Security 4D+2 (9D+2), Starship Repair 6D

Equipped With:
-Four legs with climbing adhesion and Force-claws (6D+2 damage stun or lethal)
-Hinged, grasping jaw with retractable Vibro-blade incisors (7D damage)
-Concealed Enforcer IV Blaster/Stun/Ion (Repeating, 5D damage, ranges Blaster 3-10/50/120 Ion 3-8/16/24)
-Armored (2D+2 Energy/3D+2 Physical)
-Advanced Sensor Suites (adds 5D Search)
-Combat Analysis Computer (adds 5D Initiative)
-Full spectrum Sensor System (5D all ranges, 500m/ 1 km/ 1.5 km/ 10 meters)
-Portable System (20D memory)
-360 degree holo-recorder/projector (10 meter diameter display)
-Dichrome color-change finish, sensor spoofers, and quiet joints/footpads (+3D+2 Sneak)
-Encrypted Com unit (Heroic to crack, 200 km or orbit range)
-Burst transmission subspace encrypted signaler (Heroic to crack, 8 hour hyperspace range)
-Perfect memory system (never forgets anything)
-10 jump astrogation buffer
-Rocket booster (Space-1)
-Dart Launchers-four (Special Damage by load, Range 0-3/12/25; 6 darts each for 24 total)
-Enhanced Stun Grenade Unit (6D+2 Stun, 20 meter blast radius)
-Deck Sweepers-pair (7D+2 Stun, Range 0-3/5/10 45 degree arc, no dodge within 5 meters)
-Jammer Unit (Difficult communications to break through)
-Fast-Flesh medkit
-Scanner resistant compartments (35 to find)
-Shield Generator (4D+2, 360 degree field when not moving or flying)
-High altitude repulsor system (ground to orbit)
-Tactical analysis suite

Special Abilities:
Hidden processor (Dif 35 to find), not erased in memory wipes.

Move: 15 Running/35 Flying
Size: 1.5 meters tall
Cost: 517,900 credits


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