Moorvack Limpan

Duros Engineer


Moorvack is a bit grumpy and possessive when it comes to his work. He will quickly chastise anyone abusing a ship’s mechanics or structure. He is also overprotective of any droids on his crew or even those owned by others.


Moorvack is from Empress Teta and is a cousin to Hoolidan. Moorvack is also a skilled pilot, but his passion lies in fixing, tweaking, and enhancing ships and droids more so than flying them. Moorvack joined the Rebellion and then SOG after Hoolidan and considerd himself like a big brother watching out for his cousin.

Moorvack is still a braggart, but concentrates on having the fastest ship, best droid, etcetera based on his modifications rather than bragging up his personal skill. After his cousin was killed on Endor, he signed on to be the chief engineer in the Sol Negro Shipyard working for Black Jack.

Moorvack Limpan

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