Jav Boran

Meris CEO of Fizzyglug Cola Corporation


Jav got his start turning lemons into lemonade. Okay, it was rotten plasma berries and he turned them into Fizzyglug Cola and later BOLT Cola. He was a struggling tramp freighter in debt to Yerkys ne Dago. There was a bumper crop of plasma berries and he was desperate for a cargo, so he made the run to Shesharile where food was always in demand. He wasn’t the only one, and it turned out there was an insect scare related to the crop, so all the freighters full of berries sat in customs until their cargos rotted or dumped their cargo on customs left empty and with empty wallets. All but one.

Jav sold his YT-1150 and waited until the customs ban was lifted. Customs was literally sitting on thousands of tons of rotting fruit nobody wanted. Nobody but Jav. He used the money from his ship sale to buy a warehouse and some primitive bottling equipment. Then he offered the spaceport authority less than a credit a ton for the rotten fruit.

Hiring hundreds of local laborers for next to nothing, Jav set up shop. They juiced the rotten berries into syrup and bottled it with carbonated water. The result was Fizzyglug. It turned out that fermented plasma berries had a little kick, like a buzz with a caf boost. At a credit a bottle, he soon made his investment back and enough to pay off the loan shark.

Cutting a profit-sharing deal with a transport pilot named Crimson Jack Norbit, Jav moved a large shipment to Corellia, where the product exploded onto the market. In desperate need of financing, Jav filed his corporate claim and sold shares to ambitious investors. Eventually Jav cut out the middle man berry suppliers and purchased a planet for growing his own crops, hiring Ithorians to tend his crops. He invested all of his profits back into the company, expanding production to meet demand and advertising to increase demand.

He approached Loronar with a deal. They would do a joint advertising campaign through a holo serial, pushing both their product lines. The Tales of the Smoking Blaster was born and Rath Sunrider became a star.

Jav Boran

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