Jarael Ginkide

Arkanian Jedi


Arkanian’s aren’t known as Jedi, but some break the mold and Jarael is one of them. She is one of the off-shoots with pointy ears and five digits per limb. She has had some body modification done but has not undergone extensive genetic or cybernetic upgrades.


Jarael chose to join the Rebellion when it became clear that the Empire was set on destroying all the remaining Jedi and the only hope for survival was for the Rebellion to win. Joining SOG and The Bennu had more to do with the large number of force users already going, making it a golden opportunity to learn more about the force.

No one on the crew knows the origins of Jarael’s double lightsaber; Rath detests them and would never build one, but she wields it with great skill. Donning her black lightsaber training outfit she feels she can take on nearly any challenge

Jarael Ginkide

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