Gustav Guzowski

Owner of Gus's Diner on the Hub in Gallisport


Gus is not what you would call a clean individual, puffing on smelly cigars even while preparing food.


While no relation to the “Original Gus”, Gustav bought into the franchise while visiting Corellia and decided to set up on Shesharile 5. At the time it was a booming metroplolis catering to Imperial decadence with its resorts and seedy entertainment venues. Gus set up right in the middle of the exotic Alien District.

As times got tough with the Imperial pullout, so did buisiness. He sold his landing platforms off one by one to make ends meet. In the end, he had the diner, some temporary customer parking, a small refueling station and a somewhat lucrative and not so secret market in slugthrowers and munitions.

Gustav Guzowski

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