Black Jack

Black Sun Enforcer ~ Darlyn Boda


Black Jack wears customized black Mandalorian armor and rides a highly customized Nebulon-Q racing swoop. His four sons are similarly equipped. He also owns a fleet if five Skipray Blastboats, six medium transports, a dozen light freighters and a SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000.

Each of his sons commands a squad of ten loyal enforcers, armed with T-21 Repeaters. Their crime family operates out of the City of Sol Negro, but they have a private estate on the beach that is only about five minutes away at 750 kmh on a swoop (about 60 km away). While he has his hands in a little bit of everything, Jack is particularly fond of drug running, gun running and piracy. He has plantations dedicated to growing Ryll spice.


He answered to one of the nine Black Sun Vigos, a Nalroni named Sprax. Since Sprax operated primarily in the area of Hutt Space, Black Jack was free to run operations on Darlyn Boda. Now that the Black Sun has fallen as a criminal empire, Jack is free to run his own operations on Darlyn Boda.

Black Jack

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