Arden Silverhand

Cyborg Mercenary


Arden grew up on Concord Dawn among the legends of the Mandolorians of old, but never became as enamored with the old Death-Watch as those around her. She was a rough and tumble sort who turned to bounty hunting to make a living. Arden was eventually hired by Jodo Kast to provide backup on a 50-million credit bounty.

A Neipas Marine blasted a grenade in her hand costing her an arm, but Rath insisted on not only keeping her alive, but safe and healed. Once she was recovered he offered her the choice of going off on her own with all her possessions and money or hiring on as his bodyguard. Arden was impressed by his abilities and compassion and signed on to work for the young Corellian and eventually the Rebellion.

Arden’s right arm was replaced by a powerful combat prosthetic that includes a blaster and servos strong enough to cripple a wookie with a single blow.

She worked with Kronk, a barabel, and after doing the bodyguard thing for a while was put in charge of security at Heliopolis and also the local police forces. That job ended when the Empire bombed the compound, but Arden and Kronk survived to become security on The Bennu. After an Imperial trap was sprung the captain of the Bennu rammed it into an Interdictor class cruiser so the crew could escape on smaller ships.

Arden and Kronk ended up working with Naomi Sunrider, Rath’s mom, on The Smoking Blaster and were on The Blaster when it went down trying to stop The Life Witch from getting the Kaiburr Crystal. Kronk died in the battle, but they destroyed the crystal and Rath rejoined them on Mimban. She has now traveled with Rath and Naomi to Corellia . . .

Force Points: 1

Character Points: 15

MOV: 10

DEX: 4D (5D+2)
All 5D (6D+2)
Firearms 6D (7D+2)
Firearms/Blaster 7D (8D+2)

All 3D
Bureaucracy 4D
Intimidation 4D
Languages 4D
Law Enforcement 4D

MEC: 3D (4D+2)
All 4D (5D+2)

PER: 4D (5D+2)
All 5D (6D+2)
Command 6D (7D+2)
Search 6D (7D+2/9D+1)
Search/Tracking 7D (8D+2)

STR 3D (4D+2)
All 4D (5D+2)
Brawling 5D (6D+2/8D)
Brawling/Cyberarm 6D (9D)

All 3D

Languages: Basic, Barabel, Verpine, Duro

Cyberarm has STR 6D for combat purposes
Built in Loronar Enforcer II 5D damage, Rng 3-10/30/120, 100 shots, repeater action



Arden Silverhand

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