Tales of the Gryphon

To Save Shesharile...

Bail Organa's Legacy

Shesharile 5 ~ 5 ABY

With the victorty at Corellia, the Rebel Alliance once again celebrated its heroes. Only eight months after the victory at Endor, a major Imperial fleet was defeated and Corellia vowed to join the Alliance. Among the most celebrated individuals were fighter ace Colonel Moorvack Limpan and ground commander Captain Bruce Testa. Wakka was posthumously awarded the Alliance Medal of Honor for his personal sacrifice.

The Aesad Aerap fleet recieved recognition for their participation in the battle and entered negotiations for full membership and trade relations with the New Republic. Colonel Flambeaux arranged for all participants to be awarded a gold campaign medal depicting Corellia with 30 star destroyers and one super star destroyer placed around the planet on one face and the phoenix emblem of the Rebellion with six Y-wings and a Corellian Corvette on the other side.

It would take another three months of bureacratic maneuvering and preparations before Rath Sunrider pulled together his Shesharile Relief Mission. Led by the Utopian Princess, a small supply fleet with some escort ships left Corellia bound for the Outer Rim and Shesharile 5.

Shesharile’s economy had collapsed. The local woolong was valued at one-twentieth of an Imperial credit, less in some places. Gang violence was rampant. What law enforcement had been in place had now become as corrupt and violent as the gangs they once opposed. Loronar technology that had once served to protect the people was now turned against them by the criminals who acquired it. Some mechanized droid units went rogue, rampaging the dense urban enviroment. Others, like the LE-VO droids were uncorruptible and suffered huge losses.

The former Heliopolis Compound had become a massive squatter city among the bombed out factory ruins. Mechanized walkers and combat droids patrolled the worst areas of town, enforcing what laws the criminal heirarchy for those regions saw fit to enact. Former precincts had become squatter complexes or gang headquartes, sometimes ran by former LALA officers. Bombings were frequent and the drug and explosives trades flourished in an economy where more legitimate buisiness choked to death under heavy taxation and strongarming by thugs.

System: Shesharile
Position in System: 5th
Sector: Minos Cluster
Length of Day (std hrs): 26
Length of Year (local days): 377
Environment: Urban
Sentient Species: None
Other Species: Human

This fifth moon of the gas giant Shesharile was large enough to be a planet itself. Along with Sesharile 6, they were known as the “Twin Planets” despite the fact that they were moons. Shesharile 5 had been devastated by the corrupt government that ran it. This moon was known for its resorts, but they were dirty and cared little about the environment they were destroying. Pollution had led to ecological disaster, and the inhabitants had regressed to become warring factions. Each group blamed the others for destroying the twins. Much of the commerce on the moon was once centered around making the Imperials that controlled the Minos Cluster happy, so when the Empire and pulled out Shesharile 5 went into a swift decline. Rath Sunrider’s Heliopolis Compound mad an effort to start to rebuild the economy but was bombed by Imperials for supplying the Rebellion. Much of the planet is run by gangs under the control of Yerkys ne Dago.


Rath wants to start factories locally, so he is bringing the supplies to build 40 factories and the supplies to produce the first run of 10,000 items for each factory.

To help support the area he is also bring a prefab garrison base and a fully assembled hospital module.

Droids will be 25,000 of the DUM Pit Droids; 5,000 each of LE-V0 police droids, LIN demolition droids, RoCHe 11-17 mining droids, 2-1B medical droids, and MSE-6 Droids; 500 each of A2 Accounting droids, J9 worker droids, R3 Astromech, R4 Astromech, R6 Astromech, G2RD Guardian Droids, Hatchling Droids, AD Armorer Droids, Siak Protocol Droids, PD Lurian Droids, 3PO Protocol Droids, SE4 Servant droids, and CZ secretary droids; and 5 IC-2 construction droids.

For vehicles he will bring 500 each robohacks, K-222 interceptors, Ralltir armored speedertrucks, and Ikas Ando 10-C speeder bikes as well as 5,000 repulsordiscs.

For ships he will have the corvette, 2 Taskforce cruisers, a Lictor Dungeon ship, and as many CE-2s as it takes to bring in the other supplies.

For general gear he will have 50,000 each of Fastflesh medpacs, water purifiers, air purifiers, comlinks, datapads, dispersal cannisters, and disintigration chambers. 5,000 each of Med-units, Synoptic teachers, and stuncuffs.

I’ll figure out some other basics as well (probably generators, food, and basic medicines).

To Save Shesharile...

Although Rath brought in over 2 billion in assets he has managed to employ only one of every 1.2 million people of Shesharile 5 and 6. The free medical system which is now under the command of Bunni will impact one in 1,400 making a more substantial impact but still far less than 1% of the population.

A run for Governor was suggested and while it isn’t in Rath’s aspirations it could help in the recovery process. Obviously the close ties of the government to a corporate entity would suggest a level of corruption and if taxes were put into place it would alienate the other powerful groups who currently operate tax free.

Jade is still 2 pips better than Rath at Bureaucracy and could improve that making her a stronger candidate if she chose to run. Rath could then focus on using his media talents to promote Jade without his lifestyle having as direct an influence on the campaign.

To Save Shesharile...

Getting Heliopolis back up and running went pretty smooth. None of the other major factions chose to openly oppose the group and both the work and recruitment started off smoothly. Yerkys ne Dago, Yuri Orlov (of Czerka Arms) and Carl Prosac (of Minos-Mestra Corp) welcomed the Heliopolis Corp and their Alderaanian Relief Effort with Space Channel 5 broadcasting the greeting. 1,600 former LALA officers and 54 LE-V0 Droids with 44 AV-3’s signed up for the new law enforcement initiative.

The group took RoboHacks to the Alien District. The team set off to find Bunni and things got a little rougher. A group of Rodian teenagers attempted to mug Rath, but quickly backed off when they took note of the rest of the group. Bruce then spotted the Life Witch with a dozen Night Raven Storm Commandos and backed off.

Coming into the storm drains Bruce went out first and not being recognized claimed to be a bounty hunter. Once the rest of the group was out it seemed they wouldn’t be able to catch up to the Night Ravens without being spotted and the team was all using short range weapons.

Rath stopped to summon up Pomejema, but as he had not warned his team of the plan they fled in the face of the ancient Cthulu-like god. Four Night Ravens and the Life Witch also fled while the other eight attacked it. Rath had Pomejema pull the eight dedicated Night Ravens into the water, but sensed someone trying to wrest control of the illusion from him.

After dispelling the illusion a figure appeared on a catwalk and challenged Rath. Rath thought it might be an illusion and tried to disperse it, but failing that began moving forward to engage it and was joined by Rex. Jarael and Jade returned to back him up but were mortally wounded by the Cronal using a Dark Side power to crush their hearts.

Jarael was able to keep going through the force and moved to help Jade and Rex began firing on the Sith. The Sith dissipated behind a spun cloak and then Rath went back to help with Jarael and Jade. Bruce came back and helped Jade and Jarael to the surface and then Rath followed Rex down the passage to where Rex had stunned the wet Night Ravens who had made their way back out of the water.

Bunni agreed to join the group as long as the mission was humanitarian and not a violent takeover. Jade got a new cybernetic heart. Moorvack eventually found his way out of the Screaming Mime where he stopped to watch strippers after running from Pomejema. The eight Night Ravens that were captured were offered a position with the police, but when they turned it down they were released as they hadn’t actually committed any crimes locally.

The four Night Ravens that fled with the Life Witch took a shuttle up to Cronal’s Super Star Destroyer and left the system. Moorvack took his fighter squadron up to the dungeoneer ship in case the SSD might make an attack, but it left peacefully.

Session Awards~

25 character points awarded

Jade used 1 Force Point and 5 character points

Bruce used 2 character points

Jarael and Rath each used 2 Force Points from their amulets

To Save Shesharile...

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