Tales of the Gryphon

Battle of Corellia

Never tell me the odds . . .


Corellia is surrounded by Imperial forces and the forces are rumored to be getting bolstered. The team is going in to try assessing the situation for an upcoming strike . . .


Pulling out of hyperspace the Phoenix Command is hailed by the ISD Eradicator and told to stand down for boarding . . .

After detecting the mynocs on the Phoenix the Eradicator released it and ordered them to have the infestation cleared up while they called ahead to have the ship searched by local authorities.

Battle of Corellia

The group disembarked and split up to do their personal business. Flambeaux paid 6000 for 2 months of docking. Moorvack rented an apartment for two months. Bruce went in search of cybernetic upgrades planetside.

Battle of Corellia

Information gained:

Yin Yan learns two weeks after the team arrives the Super SD will arrive with 5 ISD (all Mk-II).

Cherea learns eight weeks after the team arrives the Torpedo Sphere will arrive with 4 ISD and 12 VSD. (All are Mk-I and not Mk-II)

Battle of Corellia

The team split up with Flambeaux, Jarael, Luna, Arden, Wakka, and Rayavar going after the SSD in the Phoenix.

Bruce, Drek, Yin-Yan, Nikto, and Klatoo went after the Governor’s palace on XR-10 bikes.

Naomi, Jade, Cherea, and Rath on the Utopian Princess.

Team “can-opener” used lightsabers to cut into the bridge of the SSD. After a round of cutting the “plug” blew out allowing the team an entry point. They could see the alert had been sounded, but no response was present.

Wakka realizing the vacuum would reduce the efficiency of the explosive moved in to secure it as a shaped charge. As Wakka was working the remaining members began a retreat. A few moments later the blast doors opened to reveal 10 0-G stormtroopers and the team retreating spotted more coming across the hull.

Phoenix Command broke loose and evaded a barrage of proton torpedoes as they made their escape. Wakka managed to get the shaped charge in place so it could get detonated before the 0-G troopers could remove him. The Jawa and thousands of Imperials then exploded into space in a massive ball of fire.

The palace team screamed across the grounds, but Drek’s bike crossed a repulsor mine and exploded violently. Bruce’s bike shared the fate, but he managed to jump clear and then started dodging his way across the field while being targeted by turbolaser fire. Bruce’s charge through the rain of blaster bolts landed him successfully at the entrance.

After bashing several stormtroopers in the entrance there was an explosion. Bruce landed in an oil bath before bashing nine of the governor’s droids and drying himself off. Taking the turbolift Bruce was “taken” to the fifth floor where the governor’s office was guarded by Phase two dark troopers. The missile blasts sent Bruce falling through the palace floor. Managing to catch himself, demolishing a featherbed in the process. The tarred and feathered gamorean then moved in for another attack. Dumping grenades into the upper floor of the palace Bruce then managed to dive out a window as most of the palace exploded.

Blue Squadron being lead by Moorvack could see the mass of tie interceptors converging on the area where the Phoenix command was making its escape. Flambeaux lead the tie interceptors towards the Corvette and the fighter squadron. The elegance torpedoes took out 35 tie interceptors. Flambeaux dumped decoys around the corvette as he passed and Moorvack engaged the fighters.

While being swarmed with interceptors as all his systems were failing Moorvack called upon the force to help in his desperate attempt to destroy the swarm of fighters. His ship managed to destroy 45 tie interceptors before giving up the ghost. The Eradicator surrendered, five other star destroyers were destroyed and the rest retreated.

Battle of Corellia

Moorvack spent a force point, but got it back with an extra.

The party got 20 character points

Bruce looted 20 million credits from the governors palace ( 5 million in gold, 5 million in gems, 6 million cash, and 4 million in artwork and jewelry)

Battle of Corellia

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