Tales of the Gryphon

Awards and Accolades

Trip to Endor


After Tatooine the group is making their way to Endor for recognition . . .


Jarael gave some of the others a million credits each.

At the awards ceremony Moorvack is Given the Distinguished Service Cross and the Crimson Phoenix

The other participants were awarded the Medal of Bravery and the Crimson Phoenix.

A battle of Tatooine campaign ribbon was also made to distinguish the battle.

Awards and Accolades

After the ceremony a Gorax wandered up. Bruce left, but Moorvack got up out of his shack and emptied his proton torpedo launcher into it. Once it fell he emptied an Enforcer pistol into it. After it was downed Bruce and Wakka set off grenades on it.

Awards and Accolades

Corellia Bound;

The team is trying to scout Corellia for a potential assault.

Awards and Accolades

Awarded 10 CP

Awards and Accolades

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