Tales of the Gryphon

A Daunting Task

Life and Death Decisions

PART TWO: Pest Control

Having freed Lara Loronar, the group had holed up in a guard station on the twentieth tier of the main prison block. There were still well over a thousand prisoners on the ship. Rath had chosen to move forward to Glasya and Taegan Sithkiller’s locations in solitary once they got Bruce patched up. Cho was learning to focus the Force through his martial arts. Jarael stood guard as Lara attempted to hack into the Jedi detention area and shut down power to the cells remotely.

Power and lights were already failing in some rear areas of the dungeoneer ship, probably from invasive void spiders looking for places to lay egg sacks. To make matters worse, someone had opened several tiers in the rear of the cell block as if to feed the spiders on purpose. Sage Tymon was in one of these cells, clad in his bright orange prison garb, when the door buzzed and slid open to the flickering lights and shadows beyond…


Dash Rendar arrived to rescue Lara around the same time that Sage with a following of escaped prisoners showed up at the guard station. Bruce led some of the newly armed prisoners down one catwalk while Rath led some teammates down the other. Bruce opened a cell with a beserk wookie and they both ended up plummeting off a broken catwalk into a web below as Rath tried to catch them with telekenisis. The lights went down throughout the cell block and the cells all opened. Thanos, a Sith Adept, and sixteen Sovereign Protectors approached the guard station from the Jedi holding section, causing a mad scramble. Rath dropped to the bottom tier to free some allies as Jarael and Lara ushered allies into turbolifts headed for the docking tube. Rex brought the puddle Jumper round to dock.

Rath and Cho moved to the engineering access door as spiders began to move in to eat the released prisoners, only to discover Quinn and Evincar at the control platform. Cho took out Evincar as Rath turned Quinn back to the Light Side.

The Sovereign Protectors dropped down the turbolift shafts to pursue the escaping characters while Cho, Quinn and Bruce mopped up some spiders. Rath flew up to confront Thanos. Jarael got her group onto the Puddle Jumper while Bruce and Cho dropped flame rifle cannisters and blasted them on the Sovereign Protectors in the turbolift shaft. Then Cho began jumping tiers to help Rath, but not before he cut Thanos in half.

The Cerebrus collided with a Lucrehulk Battleship and broke apart. Rath grabbed a breath mask from Cho and Quinn used telekenisis to grab another. Jarael’s crew broke free in the Puddle Jumper. Rath used void spider web to net an additional nine survivors and drag them into the landing bay of the battleship. The Life Witch and four Night Ravens surrendered to escape the wreckage. Dash transferred to his ship and escaped, upset over losing the reward for rescuing Lara. Sage piloted the Puddle Jumoper out of the web and past the defense satelites, then headed to Corellia.

A Daunting Task

Session Awards~

20 character points

Cho used 4 character points and gaine an extra Force Point

Rath used two Force Points but got them back

A Daunting Task

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